Super Roundabout Construction at E. Broussard & Kaliste Saloom.


We have been getting a ton of questions about the work that is happening at the Kaliste Saloom & E. Broussard Road Intersection.

We hope that the brief info we have will help with these questions.

Firstly, the construction is all part of a re-routing of Kaliste Saloom traffic that will flow over the realigned Isaac Verot Coulee via a new bridge, according to KLFY.

Also, preliminary work is moving forward to make way for the new, two-lane super roundabout at Kaliste Saloom & E. Broussard, pictured below in a blurry image. Also, see our post about the new roundabout (here).

The super roundabout will be situated just South of the E. Broussard & Kaliste Saloom Intersection. The remaining portion of Kaliste Saloom at E. Broussard will be a right turn only once the roundabout is in place.

The aerial images have been taken to show how the area looks from above. It is quite a large project.

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