Downtown Lafayette

Sneak Peek Inside of Downtown Lafayette’s Grocery Tavern & Delicatessen


The Grocery Tavern & Delicatessen, located at 802 Jefferson Street, is tentatively set to open October 24th, 2020.

We first posted about the all-new, locally owned Grocery Tavern & Delicatessen back in January 2019. Since then, owner Joshua Wells and his partners have worked to make the speakeasy & delicatessen a unique experience for Lafayette area natives and visitors alike.

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In short, the Grocery Tavern & Delicatessen is reminiscent of an old New Orleans style speakeasy & delicatessen. It’ll have great food & drinks in dimly lit, quaint space filled with out-of-this-world craftsmanship. Some of the most notable features of the space are the bold bar with its amazing stonework and handcrafted faux hardwood bar top. On the wall, you’ll find a handcrafted Louisiana lower-half (the real Louisiana) with a special star indicating the location of Lafayette, LA. If you are offending by that prior statement, then you probably live in North Louisiana.

There are many fun touches to the Grocery Tavern space and we feel that words do little to no justice. So we took a little stop by and grabbed some photos of the space. Enjoy.

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