Smashburger Preview Before Opening Day


We had the privledge of previewing the new Smashburger that is opening tomorrow, November 11th at Ambassador Crossing, in front of Whole Foods. The first thing that you’ll realize when you walk in is that you’ll want all of it! Doesn’t matter what it is at that moment, it just smells so good in there that you want it all! After a moment of gathering yourself together, you’ll then gaze at the menu to decide your smashing meal. Our table had a couple of different burgers on it, of course there are other things besides burgers, but the star of the night was the Louisiana burger. The Louisiana burger has Cajun grilled onions, American cheese, applewood smoked bacon, rémoulade sauce, lettuce & tomato on an egg bun. The burger was really flavorful and just the right size to gain my belly’s trust. Don’t let me forget to mention that they have fried pickles, and even some bomb dot com sweet potato fries too. Now, I have a lot of favorites when it comes to burgers and burger places in Lafayette, and this is sure to make the list. I am not a food blogger, but I am pretty sure that you wouldn’t be mad at a Smashburger, especially the Louisiana. Check out the food porn I have for you below…


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