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Siro’s Bistro Moving To The Boulevard


Siro’s Bistro is making a move. Seems to be the trend right now with other businesses doing the same. The new location will be the old Damascus restaurant near Piccadilly on Johnston street and the address is 112 Arnould Blvd. Siro’s Bistro has been operating in the Oil Center for about 20 years. Now they see it fit to relocate and start the journey of gaining a new following. I know I am looking forward to trying them. We walked in front of the old Damascus and saw the Siro’s crew working on the inside. I, being the big chicken that I am was afraid to go introduce myself. Surely, I run a social page/site I should be more social right? Pssh, wrong! Enough about my short comings. Check out the photos and share this post to get the word out.

Thanks to a coworker by the name of Jennifer for tipping me on this too.





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