Ramp Construction at I-49 N & Gloria Switch Road in Carencro


I bet you’re wondering; mais, what’s happenin’ at the Gloria Switch exit?

Let us tell you dat. We made some calls, got put on slight hold, got redirected, got a new number to call, left a message, and then finally received a call back with all of the info.

The ramp construction on I-49 Northbound at Gloria Switch Road in Carencro is a project that is altering the right-turn lane in order to make it necessary for drivers to obey right turn signals. The right-turn lane will be moved slightly so that it runs parallel to the two left-turn lanes.

According to DOTD, the current configuration of the yielding right-turn lanes is a safety concern. Many drivers have to look far over their left shoulder in order to safely make the right turn. This sometimes leads to accidents in which drivers rear-end the car in front of them. The modified interchange will also allow for large trucks to safely enter the left-turn lane leading into the Frontage Road.

You should except other local area interchanges to receive this modification. Pending future interchange modifications are I-49 & Hector Connoly and I-10 & University to name a couple.

Below is a stripping plan showing the lane configuration for the I-49 N & Gloria Switch Road interchange.

Huge thanks to the DOTD for providing me with the info & plans.

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