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Progress On The New Chase Bank On Kaliste Saloom Road


The new Chase Bank branch building, located at 1233 Kaliste Saloom Road, is making fast progress on opening their doors.

This isn’t a new location for Chase Bank as the former Chase Bank building at this location was demolished back in October of 2018(see post). The old bank building was outdated, badly, and really had no need for a million drive-up stalls. Most tech-savvy people nearly avoid banks altogether but, a need for physical Bank locations is still a necessity for one-off transactions. You know, for when you need to withdraw a couple mill’ to bury in the backyard, who knows.

The new Chase Bank building appears to have a much more condensed version of the drive-up banking previously offered. As for the inside, many new Capital One branches are now called Capital One Cafés, so maybe Chase will lean to a more amenity-themed bank.

It also appears to be designed as this branch model. Photo courtesy of

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