Peek Inside of The New Laser Tag Arena at Acadiana Lanes


We took a private tour inside of LaserTron at Acadiana Lanes today, and wow, this place is everything.

LaserTron is a multi-level laser tag arena, set to open soon, that has replaced the former arcade area inside of Acadiana Lanes at 3227 Ambassador. The arena can support up to 22 laser tag players(11 per team) with game sessions lasting from 15 minutes on up to 30 minutes. The pricing ranges from $5-$7 for a 15-minute session and $10-$16 for a 30-minute session. Party packages are available as well, those will start at $22 per person. Other packages for businesses, and groups are being created, too. There will also be laser tag league games set up for those that are hardcore laser taggers.

There are a variety of different games you can play, but most importantly, the ultimate goal of most games is to tag the opponents without being tagged yourself. two of the coolest parts of the arena is the upper-level for overhead tagging, and the fact that you can see the laser beams firing from the guns. This will add a greater challenge for those used to playing a fogless, single-level arena.

Check out our walk-thru of the Lasertron arena below.

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