Local Renovation

New Taco Bell on Congress is Open.


The new, rebuilt Taco Bell ?? at 2406 W Congress is now open and here are some of the details. 

  1. Better, bigger parking lot.
  2. Brand new building.
  3. Modern industrial interior design and no “artwork” on the walls. 
  4. The outside has a portion of raw metal that they let rust, kind of cool.
  5. Student friendly with backpack hooks & outlets on center bar top. Other outlets are available.
  6. Free wifi, but slow wifi, like slower than your grandparents place, assuming they even have it. See speed test below. 

Overall, it’s a Taco Bell, it looks nice for what it is.

If I had to make a suggestion though, Taco Bell, crank up that wifi guys. Seriously, I was trying to make a post and had to switch to LTE to even upload. No bueno. 

Taco Bell wifi speed test. 

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