Local Expansion

New, Second Youngsville Fire Station Construction


A new, second Youngsville Fire Station is being constructed at 2301 Bonin Road.

The city of Youngsville has only one fire station, currently, that serves most of Youngsville. This second station will not only provide quicker response times during emergencies, but also home insurance perks, according to Youngsville representatives.

The new YFD sub station is said to be able to support four ‘apparatus’, aka fire trucks. It will also have living quarters upstairs, as do many large fire departments stations have.

See above rendering of the new station, courtesy of Chief Blair Rivette of the YFD.

Image of YFD sub station construction site.

Above is a map showing the current YFD station at 300 Fountainview Drive, and the new station’s location indicated by the white square thingymabob.

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