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New RaceTrac Under Construction In Front Of Stine Lumber In Broussard/Youngsville


A new RaceTrac is underway at the corner of Ambassador Caffery & Youngsville Hwy in front of Stine.

RaceTrac is expanding rapidly with many reports showing growth throughout the United States’ Southeast region.

In Lafayette, a new RaceTrac seems to surface about every two or three years. The most recent new RaceTrac builds are Congress Street(Open), Louisiana Avenue(Still Delayed ??‍♂️), and now this location. There have been recent renovations to existing RaceTrac stores such as the location on the Evangeline Thruway, and also, Ambassador Caffery near I-10.

Most, if not all, of the RaceTrac stores feature a Swirl Frozen Yogurt shop, made-to-order meals, ready-to-go meals, a large drink station, and—in many cases—the lowest prices on gasoline.

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