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Thruway Race Trac Renovations Near Complete, Opens Soon


For the past few months, Race Trac at 1001 Evangeline Thruway has been undergoing renovations to resemble the current branding of Race Trac. The tentative opening date is set for this Thursday, June 29th, 2017.

We stopped by to grab photos of the near finished product, no inside shots though. The store looks great, like most new Race Trac stores do. The big sign that shows gas pricing has been updated as well, and will be bright when you round the curve. 

The new renovations include a few goodies, like new food options and frozen yogurt, among other things. 

Interesting info: the old Chevron in front of the Race Trac has been acquired by, you guessed it, Race Trac. It will be used by Race Trac as rental property, but no tenant has been named just yet.

New gas price signage.

Old Chevron that will be used as rental property.

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