New High School Facility For Lafayette Charter Academy Coming Soon To Northside’s Couret Farms


The Lafayette Renaissance Charter Academy(LRCA), located in Couret Farms off of Pont des Mouton, will soon start construction on their new $8.5 million, 59,600 square foot high school facility, addressed at 306 Acadian Hills Lane.

See LRCA High School Website

It was previously announced that LRCA would be building a high school building to expand upon their current K-8 facility on the Northside of Lafayette. Since that first mention several months ago, LRCA operated their new high school expansion in a temporary space inside of the George Dupuis Recreational Center in Brown Park, located at 1234 E Pont des Mouton Road.

LRCA’s new high school building will expand the school from K-8 to K-12, allowing for students to have one continuous experience during their high school years.

The new facility will be a large 59,600 square foot, single-story high school building with 42,950 square foot reserved for education and 16,650 square foot for its gym facilities. Some of the features of the new campus will consist of a high school baseball & softball field, complete with bleachers, a full-sized football field, soccer field, and an indoor basketball court complete with bleachers with up to 500 seats. There are also locker rooms, a weight room & multipurpose room, a Cambridge Science Lab, collaborative learning space, and other common high school features, but you get the idea. It’s going to be nice. If only it could have a coffee shop… *clears throat*—Southside High.

The groundbreaking should take place in the coming weeks as there is a new permit out for construction. As for an estimated tentative completion date, we are not going to make that call as supply shortages could ultimately affect timelines.

If you’re interested in child enrollment into LRCA, check out their website for more details. It’s a great school, speaking from experience.

Aerial view of high school location in Couret Farms.

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