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New Four-Story Condominium, Downtown Revitalization Coming To Broussard


Downtown Broussard, LA is about to kick off a new revitalization plan with a new four-story, 30-unit condominium, called The Sax, to be constructed at the former Y Café location at 711 E. Main Street in Broussard, LA.

The Sax Condos, owned & developed by local developer, Cliff Guidry, will consist of both 900 SF one bedroom units and 1,695 SF two bedroom units. The one bedroom unit is priced at $198,000 or can be leased for $1,170 monthly, and the two bedroom unit is priced at $369,000 or can be leased for $1,970 monthly. Each unit is designed for ample natural light and will also feature interior amenities one should come to expect from a high-end condo building.

The name—The Sax—is inspired by local saxophone player, Illinois Jacquet, who was born in Broussard in 1922. Inspiration continues as the condominium building will feature a large mural of a saxophone painted by local muralist, Robert Dafford. A Statue of Illinois Jacquet will also be mounted in the courtyard with music filling the air 24/7, which will lend to the New Orleans-esque vibe of the entire development. The ground floor will over plenty of secured parking for condo residents and guests. Street parking and street landscaping are also planned throughout the old and the new downtown historic district.

It’s the uniqueness of the building aesthetics, character and the location that is positioned for future plans of the old and new downtown revitalization plan by the City of Broussard, the Broussard Chamber of Commerce, members of the Task Force Committee which will embrace tourism and create beautification for the Community.

Groundbreaking is set for July 2019 and completion of the project is estimated to take one year with move-in dates estimated for August 2020. 

You can find out plenty more at thesaxcondos.com.

Sales, leasing, and bonus information:

Furnished units are available upon request for personal or corporate.  Parc Lending is offering 10% down, no PMI, at a great rate, Mary McCullough contact number is 337.366.7571

For leasing or sales, you can contact Nicole ElDarragi Young at 337.322.0228or Amel Kates at 337.278.3783
Cliff Guidry welcomes developers to take part in the transformation of downtown Broussard and ask residents to get onboard with beautifying the community and securing a solid long term investment. Guidry Land Development is also developing the first Class A office building in downtown Broussard with approximately 10,500 SF of leasable space across from City Hall.  Cliff Guidry contact number is 337.962.3274

The HOA price includes all the maintenance that home owners normally pay for at different times throughout the year.   For example, a single family home has lawn maintenance and the owner either cuts it themselves or hires a lawn company and pays for it.  Those that cut it themselves have to take into consideration the price of the lawn mower, edger, fuel, oil, repairs and the time it takes them to cut the grass, based on their hourly wage, to see how much it really cost them to cut their lawn.   A home has routine maintenance, such as, roofing, painting, windows, fencing, landscaping, etc.  When considering all the cost over time, it may surprise a home owner how much they actually pay for routine maintenance.  

Each year, a home owner pays property taxes and insurance.  This amount is INCLUDED in our HOA.  In addition, it covers secured parking garage, gated entrance, structural, roof, windows, exterior facade, trim, elevator, stairs, corridors, courtyard, landscape, trees, lights, irrigation, park benches, information technology, lawn care, and much more.  — Word from the developer.

The Sax Condominium is designed by Gerald Gesser of the Gesser Group.

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