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New Dance Studio, Hello Dancer!, is Nixing Dancing Stress Woes


A local dance studio, called Hello Dancer!, is getting rid of the stressful part of dance, and is making it more of an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Hello Dancer! is located at 114 Rena Drive, across from Sandra’s Grocery & Café, in the former Precision Bikes (Mark Miller’s).

Typically, dance studios have a big recital at the end of the year that the kids, parents, and anyone involved stress about for a chunk of the year. Rehearsal after rehearsal — same song, and dance — gets old, really. Plus, many recitals happen when most want to go on vacation. Uhh, say what? Not my vacation!

No big recitals – No long rehearsals – No year-long focus on rehearsing a dance – No competitions. Just a child, their dance shoes, and a studio full of happiness, twirls, and magical dreams!

Hello Dancer! is owned by a former dance studio owner, April Peters, lifelong dancer and professional choreographer, that has done all the hoorah of big recitals and competitions, and while those are great if that’s your thing, She knew that she wanted Hello Dancer to be different. April is a parent of an 8 and 10-year old, and knows the struggles of trying to juggle everyday tasks and adding in extracurricular activities, especially if they involve lots of extra fees. It can make it difficult or sometimes not even doable for all families. April knew that there needed to be another option – which is why Hello Dancer was born.

What are your Costs and what is the catch?

There are no “Catches” or “Hidden Costs” or anything tacked onto your monthly dues. There is a Once a Year Membership Fee (For a Full Calendar year) of $50 (Single Dancer) / $85 (Family) and a Monthly Cost of $70 (1 Class), $65 (2 Classes or 2 Family Members), or $60 (3 or more Classes or Family Members).

So basically, if you take one class and have one membership it will Cost $680 for the entire dance year (Sept. to May).

The only other costs are on dancewear, that can be purchased either in our own dancewear shop or elsewhere.

To find out more about Hello Dancer! Check them out at

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