Downtown Lafayette

New Art Market & Venue In Downtown Lafayette


There is a new art market & venue, called The Omni Center, that is coming soon to 227 Jefferson Street in Downtown Lafayette.

The Omni Center helps artist of many walks by providing a rentable space to showcase and sell their work. The monthly rent includes a connection to a point-of-sale(POS) system, website listing & social media listing, credit card processing, and more. All the artist is required to do is maintain inventory, label their pieces, and most importantly—create! Then, at the end of each month, The Omni Center will cut you—the artist—a check from what has been sold.

So what are the prices to rent dedicated retail space in the historical district of Downtown Lafayette? The prices range from $120-$200 a month, which is dependent on the booth you want to pay for that month. See the booth prices and layout in a graphic below.

The location is also a venue that can hold about 280 warm bodies, cold bodies upon request—just kidding! The venue will have a large, full stage with sound and lighting for concerts, comedy shows, weddings, reunions and whatever you can think of really.

For more information, see their website or their Facebook at

The former location for IDI Workspaces.

Right next door to the Greenroom.

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