Local Expansion

McDonald’s Construction Progress at N. University


The site of the recently demolished McDonald’s/Gas Station at 1737 N. University & Renaud is starting to look a little less gas stationey.

The new McDonald’s, as previously reported, will be a standalone restaurant. Most of the relocated employees will be able to return to work at this location once completed.

Since this is a new McD’s build, you can expect for it to be outfitted with the latest self-order technology, which actually allows for dining room floor employees to attend to the guests, rather than just taking your order.

If you ever visit a McDonald’s store in Lafayette, I would encourage you to visit the 4555 Johnston St. location. Why that location over the multitude of others? That location, in my opinion, has some of the most involved management, and the employees that work there actually seem to have a level of care that is appreciated. Most McDonald’s stores are well run, it’s their culture. And sure, it’s just fast food, and blah dee blah, but McDonald’s doesn’t play! Neither does Chick-Fil-A, my pleasure is on point.

The McDonald’s location before the demo.

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