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McAlister’s Deli Remodel


McAlister’s Deli has recently completed a much needed remodel of their Lafayette store at 4409 Ambassador Caffery. 

The remodel consist of a revamped sign, brand new floors, bright digital menus and sharper lighting fixtures. They even removed those dated brass railings & curtains and replaced them with a more contemporary wood slotted design.

The back of the restaurant has also been outfitted with a brick accent wall that seems to really warms up the place. 

There is one thing that didn’t change though—their sweet tea! Speaking of, they are having their Re-Grand Opening this Friday, February 3rd and they are giving away 32oz. cups of their famous iced teas. Flippin’ A, man!

Be sure to stop by this Friday to check out the updates, but if you aren’t able to we have some photos below showing before & after.

Thanks to Colette, McAlister’s GM, for helping us with photos. 

Menu Before

Menu Now

Dinning Room Before

Dinning Room Now

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