Food Truck

Mad Luann’s Food Truck


Tomorrow is the debut of Mad Luann’s food truck in Parc Lafayette off Kaliste Saloom. They have been preparing for the debut for several months now, as seen from their Facebook page. They have slightly different hours opening at 9 in the mornings and even as early as 7:30am. They will be serving breakfast as well as lunch and they cater also… Most food trucks do that anyway. But the breakfast thing is a little new at least to me anyway. You probably won’t see me making it there for breakfast but lunches are my thing.

Their menu is not to shabby with chicken biscuits and biscuits of other types for breakfast. Buffalo chicken and Cochon for lunch. My guess they will end up doing some type of evening thing every so often.

So give them a like on Facebook visit their site and go give them a try sometime this week or tomorrow even.