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Lafayette Central Park


The Horse Farm is starting work for a park in Lafayette called “Lafayette Central Park“. The 100 acre raw property is right in the center of town. Like me, you may be blown away that there is that much undeveloped land still available. Thankfully a group of folks have decided to keep the land as untouched as possible. The plans briefly include a massive public park plan but support of the entire community is needed. The Lafayette Central Park website has plenty of good info and ways to get involved and to support the project. Much like New York City’s Central Park where it is just about the only green space left. Lafayette wants to do the same here so that in the midst of a booming mid sized city you can still find ways to escape the urban headaches that we all just love! Like Traffic, I can use plenty of time away from that. I am also including the video that conveys a some emotion and inspiration to get this project moving and the need for its existence in our great city.

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