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Kitchen On Klinton (KOK) Expanding Seating, Customer Experience At University Ave Location


Kitchen On Klinton (KOK), located at 405 E University Ave, is in the middle of expanding its footprint to enhance the customer experience.

The guys at KOK are constantly improving customer experience with small changes that make dining and picking up orders breezier. One of those improvements is expanding their seating capacity and enhancing the bar patron experience.

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The new addition to the restaurant will serve as an expanded bar & dining space for those looking to spend time with friends without potentially feeling rushed. The current seating capacity for the popular restaurant hovers at about 100 people, which includes the outside patio. Once the new addition is completed, it’ll allow for KOK to seat around 300 people.

The expansion is fully enclosed with windows & doors that will be opened on those days when the weather is nice & enjoyable. Indoor heaters will provide warmth during the winter months—err weeks. There will also be several TVs and large projectors for enhanced sports viewing and popular fight nights.

Businesses and parties will also have the ability to rent out the space for meetings and get-togethers with catered food from KOK.

Construction is on pace to be completed within the next month.

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