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Katsu Ramen Bar Opens Thursday


Hey ramen ? cravers, we have received good word that Katsu Ramen Bar, located at 3809 Ambassador, is opening tomorrow, Thursday, November 8th!

We have a menu that we will add below, as well as a photo of actual ramen bowls made by Katsu Ramen Bar.

Katsu’s name comes from the owner’s name, Shirayishi Katsu. In 2015, Katsu arrived in the states and realized pretty quickly that in order to enjoy a traditional ramen dish he had to prepare it himself. Now, Katsu shares his traditionally prepared dishes with the community.

Here is the Katsu Ramen Bar’s Facebook page. facebook.com/katsulafayette. Go like it.

The menu, inside photos, and photo of food are courtesy of Zen Noodle owners, Katsu Owners.

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