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Judice Inn, Iconic Lafayette Burger Spot Expanding Seating, New Restrooms


Judice Inn, a local staple & landmark located at 3124 Johnston Street in Lafayette, is expanding its dining space and adding new restrooms.

Established in 1947, Judice Inn has been a beloved destination for burger lovers and foodies in the region. With its rich history and commitment to quality, the eatery has become an integral part of the local community and surviving through some of the toughest times for restaurants.

Photo sourced: Judice Inn Facebook

The expansion project will focus on connecting, enlarging, and improving the dine-in seating area. By adding several hundred square feet to the front of the restaurant, Judice Inn will seamlessly integrate its current dining space with its existing overflow “side room” dining space. Additionally, new restrooms will be constructed in the rear of the space, allowing for additional seating where the previous restroom facilities were located up front. This expansion will effectively double the restaurant’s occupancy, while still retaining its intimate, hometown atmosphere.

Front expansion

“We will still be the small hometown restaurant the area has enjoyed but will be able to accommodate more dine-in customers,” said Gerald Judice, co-owner of Juice Inn. With our additional kitchen & pick-up window in the back, we can provide a better experience for both dine-in and “to-go “ customers.”

In addition to the new expansion for the seating area, Judice Inn recently introduced a new kitchen and pick-up window at the back of the restaurant. The new pick-up window has already proven to be a hit with regulars and Judice Inn Noobz. And yes, they still don’t have fries! Getchu a bag of craw-taters and go sit-down, bar!

2nd Kitchen & Pick-up Window

The new expansion project for Judice Inn is tentatively set to be completed by April of this year.

You can follow Judice Inn on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/judiceinn?mibextid=LQQJ4d. You can also visit their website for some history at https://www.judiceinn.com.

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