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How is Broaddus Burgers doing?


Today, I had the privilege of trying out Broaddus Burgers located on Moss Street on the Northside. May I first say this, wow, It was really good! My fiancé and I had a grilled chicken sandwich and a turkey burger. The grilled chicken sandwich was mine, so I’ll be able to tell you about it better than the turkey burger. I ordered it on sourdough bread with lettuce, tomato & light mayo. The very first bit was filled with instant gratification, and it held its flavor integrity all the way through to the end. It was seasoned well, and cooked just right, like a good grilled chicken should be. I asked my fiancé about the Turkey Burger, and she said it was yummy, so I know it was good. The 26 year old owner, Shawn Broaddus, has been on top of all improvements that could be made, as they need to be made. One of his current big improvements seems to be ticket time. To combat high ticket times, Shawn put in place a fancy point of sale system. The servers now place your order into their system at your car, which helps to ensure accuracy and forgetting to send the order to the kitchen. Avery Shelvin, the GM at Broaddus Burgers helps to insure that things are running smooth as well. So far, it seems smooth.

Shawn also mentioned that the menu will be changing slightly, to offer more bun choices and ice cream, like dipped cones. So, if you’re ever in the burger/sandwich mood, drive over to Broaddus Burgers.

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