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Hai Nam Buffet Becoming Fiery Crab Seafood & Bar


The Hai Nam Asian Buffet, located at 2330 Kaliste Saloom, recently went under new ownership and is undergoing renovations to become a new restaurant, called Fiery Crab.

The Fiery Crab is a seafood restaurant & bar, that will specialize in Lowcountry boil seafood. According to Wikipedia, Lowcountry cuisine is the cooking traditionally associated with the South Carolina Lowcountry and the Georgia coast. According to SeriousEats.com, it’s the southeastern coast’s equivalent to a New England clambake. Where you take fresh shellfish, dump it in a giant pot with vegetables, sausage, other mixed ingredients, and then boom… a crawfish boil, right? Apparently, Lowcountry cuisine is pretty similar to Cajun cooking. You have a giant pot, seafood, corn, taters, and a bunch of loud-mouth Cajuns that listen to KBON too loud. I can say that because it’s mostly true, mostly.

No inside photos, yet. They are still working on it. ?

You can follow the Fiery Crab on facebook at facebook.com/fierycrab

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