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Former Chevron Building Getting New Tenants


The former Chevron building at 5750 Johnston, next door to Dairy Queen, is getting some new tenants. The building has been vacant for some time, but over the past few months, companies like Cintas and Miracle Ear Group have been moving into the five-story building.

You may not be able to see much of a change on the outside, except for exterior cleaning, but it is really nice knowing this building will be used again. The inside is rather nice, too. If you’ve never seen the inside, check out the photos below. There is an on-site gym, locker room, bistro lounge, and several other neato amenities.

Over the next year, it is likely that more companies with the need for office space such as this will find this building appealing for expansion.

For information on the new tenants, see their websites at Cintas.com and Miracle-Ear.

Here is the Loopnet.com listing.

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