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Dairy Queen Grand Opening.


Monday the 17th is the big day for Dairy Queen of Lafayette. Thousands of people in Acadiana are excited about this Grand Opening occasion. It has been roughly 20+ years since DQ has operated in Lafayette. So you can only imagine the buzz in the air about this place.

This Monday, Dairy Queen is attempting to break the Grand Opening record. The current record is held by a New York DQ Grand Opening with over 2,000 people served and over 1,200 transactions just that day. DQ Lafayette plans to blow that record out of the water. I personally have no doubt that we can.

Even if you just buy a Dipped Cone you are aiding in that number. So, this Monday doors open at 9 am. Make your way there sometime during that day and get you a little something. Don’t be a hater. 😉

Below are just a few photos that you may have already seen. One of them is a before and after photo I made.





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