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Express Donuts Coming Soon To N. University Ave.


In North Lafayette, the former Anthony’s Detailing shop, located at 908 N. University Avenue, will soon become a new local business, called Express Donuts.

We have been following the renovation progress of this building over the past year with little to no information as to what is happening. We would occasionally see some folks working inside, but wanted to hold off on stopping by to ask for more information.

After months of wondering, we now know that this little shop will soon become Express Donuts. This is made obvious by the bright “donut shop coming soon” sign. You best bet that I whipped into the parking lot to grab photos and to view the posted permit!

While no one was there to get more information, I think it’s safe to assume that this is locally owned & operated and will be a nice spot to grab donuts holes and maybe an Apple fritter. Those are my favorites if you are wondering why I mentioned those items.

We would like to have more information for you guys, but that’s it. No social media accounts to speak of and no post about the business coming soon to be found, just the sign of new life coming soon to an old building in North Lafayette.

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