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El Paso Mexican Grill Youngsville Progress | Dec 2019


The recently announced El Paso restaurant, coming soon to Youngsville, is starting to take shape.

Located at 200 Brookdale Blvd, across from Rouses Market, the new El Paso Mexican Grill is starting to be framed up after breaking ground back in August. See post.

Our original post garnered about 1,500 shares, which tells us that residents are excited, even though Youngsville has Agave, Blue Apache, and El Paso within a 3-mile radius of each other.

Our burning question still remains relevant, when will Carencro’s El Paso be completed? Framing for El Paso in Carencro began in November 2018, (see post). Could construction at Youngsville’s location catch up with Carencro’s store? Let’s watch and find out.

I’ll be back with the results! Haha.

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