Retail Store

Retail Store

  • Purrfect Gifts

    Purrfect Gifts – located on Johnston St. Next to La Pagua Mexican Restaurant and the Music Center in the Time

  • Louisiana Tailgate Authority

    Often times businesses will seemingly pop up out of no where. Although, I know this isn’t the case it just

  • Settlers @ Steiner Phase 2

    Settlers @ Steiner Phase 2 This has been an area that I have been confused about for sometime. This development

  • Cavenders Boot City Progress

    Got a chance to grab a couple shots of the progress for Cavenders Boot City. Perhaps it will not be

  • ULTA & Cato Progress part 2

    I have been watching this area for quite some time knowing that this is a hot spot right now for

  • Petco & DSW

    It shouldn’t be too much longer for both stores to open. The signs are up and work on the insides

  • Just for feet shopping center update

    Here is an update on the just for feet location on Johnston St. I went by and grabbed a photo

  • Bengals & Bandits

    I hope I don’t smell Tiger Droppings in Lafayette! Bengals & Bandits a Baton Rouge based retail store for Athletic

  • DSW & Petco Progress

    I have been following the progress of DSW & Petco since they have started building. So far I can tell

  • Optimism Reigns – Abiz

    Here is an article from stating the best is yet to come. The article talks about the project of