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Car Washes, The New Local Gold Rush?


Lately, it feels that there has been several new car washes that either have opened or will open soon. Is this just me, or is it some kind of local gold rush or something? Car washes like CARencro Wash-n-Go, The Wash, Cajun Quik Wash, Gulf Breeze Car Wash, Acadiana Auto Spa, Classic Auto Spa’s Second location & Cherry’s Auto Spa are all less than two years in the making. Some of these haven’t even started construction yet! I remember when Classic Auto Spa was being built and tons of people thought it was a drive-in or a new Sonic, but they, and I, we’re all wrong. Many thought that the corner that Classic Auto Spa was built at was a terrible place to build, or at least I am guilty of thinking that, but it’s doing great! I should build a wash called Instawash and make it app powered. There’s an idea guys, run with it, I am okay with some royalties for the idea, haha. Anyways, this is just an observation, but I am also letting you know that the CARencro and the Cajun Quik Wash is now open. Speaking of carwashes, I need to pass through one.

 The Wash, near Service Caddy & Chevy  
Cajun Quik Wash on Johnston 

 Zydeco Car Wash on Willow near Thruway 

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