Cajun Gamer Brings Enhanced Gaming To Carencro


A new local gaming hot spot, called Cajun Gamer, is now open at 325B E Gloria Switch Road in Carencro.

Locally owned by Aaron Smith, Cajun Gamer offers gamers a place to come, be themselves, experience new and old games, and to grow in your gaming hobby or career.

“We conceptualized Cajun Gamer to be a safe haven for everybody who plays games. And our overarching goal was to have something special for every gamer type and genre.” says Aaron.

“I don’t want to sound arrogant, but Cajun Gamer is what the corporate game stores wish they could be. It all boils down to guest service and how we treat our customers. They will never be a number or a way to move old and unwanted used games.”

The store has a variety of products and services from video games, action figures, skateboards, table games, and even high-end gaming PCs with a wide variety of games to test out in-store. The six gaming PCs are also available to rent by the hour for those wanting to multiplayer game with friends or for those desiring to become a gaming streamer; outfitted with stream decks, microphones, headphones, mechanical keyboards, and of course, high speed internet. Aaron even states that green screens will be provided to those who request to further enhance their game streaming experience.

“Thanks to modern internet speeds, anybody can jump into a massive multiplayer game and have fun. But we wanted to take that singular experience, and make it possible to play with your friend in that same world, while sitting right next to each other.”

Check out Cajun Gamer on Facebook at or their website at

Be•You Salon, located next door.

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