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Bubble Tea Franchise, Kung Fu Tea, Is Coming Soon To Lafayette


A bubble tea franchise, called Kung Fu Tea, is coming soon to Lafayette in the South College Shopping Center.

Kung Fu will be located where Green Heart Meals is currently, Suite 2829. And Green Heart Meals is moving a few doors down to Suite 2823 as they do not need a kitchen space.

The term bubble tea (also know. As pearl milk tea) originated from Taiwan as a tea-based drink invented in the 1980’s, according to Wikipedia. The variety of bubble tea drinks range according to personal preference. But typically, they consist tea of some kind, tapioca pearls, milk, and sugar.

Kung Fu Tea will offer drinks like milk tea, punch, slush, milk cap, milk strike, and other interesting products. See their website for a menu kungfutea.com.

Bubble tea has evolved since its creation and we’re incredibly fearless in the face of change as we uphold the tradition. We’re here to innovate and push beyond all boundaries with every cup!

Today, bubble tea is consumed almost as frequently as coffee and celebrated heavily by kids, parents, chefs, and celebrities.

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