Apollo Road Extension Phase 2 – 3 Has Begun, West Village Progress


The Apollo Road Extension project phases 2 through 3 are in full swing and below are some aerial photos of the progress.

City of Scott Mayor, Jan-Scott Richard says that this project will further align the City of Scott with its goals of becoming a destination as well as an alternative point of entry into the City of Lafayette for those traveling East on I-10 or traveling South from I-49. Honestly, this new extension will help me out with my daily ins and outs of Lafayette.

Phase 2 & 3 will also include a much-needed roundabout at the intersection of Dulles & Rue de Belier. Further making it easier to travel from all directions.

Apollo Road Extension will also promote a safe way to bike and walk between its endpoints; giving residents ease of travel no matter which form of transportation they choose.

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS & VIDEO: Apollo Road Extension Phase 2 -3 & West Village Construction Progress

In this shot, you can see the intersection at Dulles & Rue de Belier

Shots of West Village’s Progress. See below for West Village post for more details.

Large, River Ranch-style Development, West Village, In The Works In Scott, LA

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