Acme Taco & Burger Soon to Open


Want a taco, and a juicy burger? Well, October 15th is the tentative opening date for Acme Taco & Burger, according to The Advertiser. If you are totally clueless about all of the deets concerning Acme, then you’re in luck! Acme Taco & Burger has aqcuired the long standing(vacant) Shanghai Moon restaurant at 5621 Johnston. You can see a little more about the Acme move (here). They are planning to keep most of each restaurants menu items, but with the exception of a few. Recently, the sign for Acme went up onto the building and it was really nice to see that this place would soon have some life passing through it. The photos below show the new signage on the building. I am excited to try Acme Taco out, I’ve heard some good, and some bad, but mostly good. I have had the opportunity of trying Acme Burger before they closed it down, and it was actually quite rich in flavor and quality, just a little pricey. Will I shove aside my normal burger restaurants for Acme? Probably not, unless they are priced right. We shall see. Did I ever mention that we have a lot of burger places? I am convinced that it would be extremely hard to try every burger place in Acadiana before dying of hardened arteries. That’s not a challenge, guys. 🙂

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