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Acadiana Mall Renovation


I’ve been living in Lafayette for a little over three years now. Before I moved here I would visit the Acadiana Mall often. In fact, almost every time our family made trips to Lafayette in my younger years, we would go to the Mall. Back then, if I can recall correctly, the Mall had a more rustic flooring which made the mall a little darker. I’m sure there have been more changes take place over the years, but this one stands out to me the most.

But, there has been one big change recently and I am here to witness it – the Food Court. If you remember, the last setup was very wide open. Maybe, too wide open. If you ever sat down to eat, you may have felt like you were being watched by passing mall-goers. I know I have felt that. Well, now that feeling has been taken down a notch with the current design that has partitions and a slight feeling of privacy. Considering what it was like before I think it is a step in the right direction. And how about the signs for the food vendors in the Food Court? That old 80’s/ 90’s styling has been replaced with a more modern back drop that is consistent with the rest of the overall design.

A few other changes I’ve noticed are the ceilings, and the center where CC’s & that non-working water fountain used to be is now level so you can easily walk through it. There are many other design improvements but for me the Food Court is by far the best that has been completed to date. Visit the Acadiana Mall for yourself and see what I am talking about.

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I have some photos below of some of the things I found interesting





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