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252-Unit Apartment Complex, ATC Lafayette, Coming Soon Next To TopGolf In Lafayette, Louisiana


The new 252-unit apartment complex, called Ambassador Town Center(ATC) Lafayette, is coming soon at the corner of Lake Farm Drive & Frem Boustany next to TopGolf & Lourdes.

This new apartment complex will sit on 15.2 acres(yes, that much land exists there) and will feature 11 residential buildings with a total of 252 units. There will also be a 6,500-square-foot standalone clubhouse, which will include a fitness center, yoga/group classes, and a lounge space. Other features of the complex will include mail/shipping areas, a dog wash, and other amenities.

The architectural design, as seen below, looks very farmhouse with vertical wood planks. I am sure there is a more official term for the design but that’s the quick & dirty description.

These apartments have been in the works for several years, way back before the start of the entire development as a whole. So before you guys think that “they” are just dragging & dropping apartments every which space, consider the years of planning that go behind many of these projects.

As for tentative completion dates, there isn’t a firm timeline. It’s typical for most apartment complexes to start leasing well before the completion of the full project is complete. So we estimate that the first move-in tenants will start moving in by the end of this year 2024, or the beginning of 2025. I know, seems wild, but “they” do move fast.

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