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Zoosiana – Formally Zoo of Acadiana


So I just heard about this “name change” for the Zoo of Acadiana from my fiancé. Thanks Kelley! I felt it only necessary to provide my 2 cents. I personally love the new name even though the old name is still tagging along as a sub text to the new name. For those wondering and haven’t seen any news on this… The new name is now “Zoosiana“. Yes, and they also have a new logo that features this green swampy color with the “S” forming an Alligator towards the bottom. I am a Logo Artist / Graphic Designer and my honest opinion is that it is ok. I think it could have been a little better but as to how to make it better that would be a good question. I won’t go into the logistics of what it takes to make a great brand mark that works with your market but who knows perhaps this will suit their clients. I mean they have the swampy part down and the Gator which is perfect but is that all that could have been done? What are your thoughts on this name change and now logo and was is needed?

Their Facebook… https://www.facebook.com/ZooFan

New name and logo…


Old name and logo…


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