Zen Noodles & Grill Coming Soon on Ambassador


A new Vietnamese cuisine called Zen Noodles & Grill is coming soon to The Park shopping center at 3809 Ambassador Suite 106-C. A quick Google search tells me that this address was formerly Tutti Frutti, a frozen yogurt shop that closed a couple of years ago. I wish that I could tell you all about Zen  Noodles and what they are about, but I haven’t found a single social media source for information – shaking my head. Quick tip; reach the community before the community reaches you, or tries. I am sure that this will be an interesting place for some of you foodies out there, you know who you are. I look forward to sharing more information about Zen Noodles as it surfaces. 

I’d like to thank Lafayette Food Junkie for tipping me off about this business, and Christine from La Pizzeria for assisting with photos. 🙂


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