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Zaxby’s Soft Opening Visit


My wife and I was invited by my friend Les to go and try Zaxby’s tonight at their soft opening. This place is nice; has a warm feel to the decor and the food is like I would expect…good. Going into this place, my wife and I already had the thought of Raisin’ Canes because of the chicken dish and the “Zaxby’s Sauce”, but it is not trying to be Canes at all. Zaxby’s has been around for a long time, longer than Canes. So I had to try the sauce and surprise it is similar to Canes, but it comes in a sealed pack so it isn’t made fresh in store likes Canes sauce. However, the food was good and there are other choices than just Chicken Fingers; for example, I had a grilled “Cajun” chicken sandwich and I loved it. My wife and Les both had the chicken finger basket and they said that it was good as well. If you guys want to know for yourself, they open tomorrow Monday, December 15, 2014 at 2815 Verot School Road next to Popeyes. IMG_0290.JPG









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