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Will Grub Burger Be The Next Hot Spot?


I announced the coming of Grub Burger several months back and the buzz is starting to be heard around town. I have been hearing good things about the overall feel of the restaurant and if you’re a beer drinker they will have a good range of beer on tap. I recently drove by the building that Grub Burger is going to be in and it is nearing completion and Grub Burger has already been permitted to start the build of the inside. Hopefully in a few weeks I can get some inside shots for ya guys, but for now this is what I have. For more information on Grub Burger and their story read the first post I made here

Below is a few photos of their buildingOn Kaliste Saloom in Parc Lafayette. I believe it will be split with another business as well. 20140711-213511-77711512.jpg




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