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Which Wich Is Officially Opening Today


Which Wich is officially opening today on Ambassador near Whole Foods and I had a chance to try them out at the friends and family night. When you first walk in, it may feel familiar to another restaurant by how you place your order, but that’s how they’ve always done it. Their sandwiches range in meats and varies in the choices you can make, I personally tried the Turkeywhic and my wife had a Turkey. Her and I both loved the sandwiches and I mean that(not a paid spokesperson). Guy Harper, the owner, said to try the sandwiches hot because it is just better that way and we did just that. I have to agree, it was one of best turkey sandwiches I’ve had in a while. But don’t take my word for it, since I am not a “food critic”, go try it yourself today and let me know what you think on our facebook. Love it or Hate it, tell us!

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