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Twin Peaks Lafayette Opening Dates


It is almost time for Twin Peaks next to the Acadiana Mall to open their doors. A good friend and contributor has told me that Twin Peaks plans to open for dinner for the first week Monday, September 29th. They will then open for Lunch & Dinner the following week starting Monday, October 6th.

Twin Peaks will also have a patio with several TVs, a fireplace and will be air conditioned. But, if it’s a nice day the canvas goes up and the restaurant walls will also open up to the patio for you to enjoy the scenic views…of Lafayette that is. You will also have the ability to see how cold the beverages are, thanks to a temperature gauge. Apparently, the beverages will be kept at a cool 29 degrees.

If you are wondering what the waitresses outfits are, you can see this represented in the photo of their van.

For more info and photos visit their Facebook,

Thanks Les, for some of these photos and info!







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