Tried Lafayette’s Red Robin This Weekend


We had the chance to give ol’ Red Robin a try this weekend in a special sneak peek(free meal) trip. I will first say that this is not a review as I am not the best person for that job. However, I will say that out of the four people at our table, none of us had a beef product, lol! So my non-review will be pretty simple.

 The inside is cool looking and there is an artistic chalkboard where I put my logo, not sure if it got spotted. The place isn’t as big as I thought it would be, even though I’ve never been to a Red Robin before. We enjoyed our food, but my only compliant would be that it’s not my favorite bun. I really like the buns from The Sizzling Monkey & Grub Burger. If you don’t know the difference, then try them out. 

I hope you guys like the few pics I grabbed and FYI, Red Robin opens tomorrow July 11th.  So here is my advice, if you’re going to wait a few weeks to try them out, then why not give one of our many local restaurants your business instead? Here are a few that I will name and these aren’t paid, I am just being nice. La Pizzeria, Broaddus Burger, The Sizzling Monkey, Oh My Taco, and The Rusted Rooster. 

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