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Total Wine & More In Lafayette Officially Opens Today, What To Expect


Total Wine & More, located at 4407 Ambassador next to Super Target, officially opens today.

We first broke the news back in March of this year, this glorious year, and many of you guys shared the heck out of it. I honestly believe that the quarantine order had many of you guys itching. You can see the initial post (here).

So here’s the deal with Total Wine & More. It’s wall to wall bottles of fine wines, beer, and spirits. We visited the store yesterday during a limited opening. And I can tell that it’s overwhelming, especially for casual wine sippers, like myself. However, once you gather yourself and find your area, it’s not hard to hone in on your selection. If you have zero clue what you may like, no worries, there are a couple of tasting spaces to try a variety of drinks to help.

Total Wine also sells cigars with what appears to be a 200+ sq ft walk-in humidor. You can also find snack foods like cheese balls, because why not. And if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or a gift for a new daddy, whichever ‘daddy’ that is, then you can purchase a little bottle of select branded products.

We won’t bore you with any of the other fluffy details, that the newspaper’s job, but it’s worth checking out if you are a wine & dine type of person.

Enjoy the photos! 🙂

Wall to Wall bottles
Bottles on bottles
99 bottles of wine on the wall
More bottles
Buttercream Chardonnay bottles
Pickup bottles
Fancy bottles
Explore and learn bottles
Good God almighty. That is more than what many average monthly salaries are inside of a bottle. If you buy this, you probably own a yacht. Because you can’t afford it otherwise. Just facts.
Hey ladies! It’s your friend, Rosé. Yes way, Rosé! #basic
Seriously though, Rosé.
Black girl magic Rosé
Rosé for days
Small bottles; for daddy.
Big walk-in humidor
Is this what it means to light money on fire?
Snacks! My kind of aisle.
Brewery stuff
Car note bottles
Fancy dessert bottles
Bottle map

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