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Toot Toot’s Kitchen In Youngsville Expanding With Family & Intimate Dining, Full-Service Bar


Toot Toot’s Kitchen, located at 107 Centre Sarcelle Blvd. in Youngsville, recently made a full year in business and is now ready to go to the next level with an expanded experience.

In the beginning, Toot Toot’s Kitchen set out to fill the needs of busy, hungry families by offering family-style meals prepped & ready to go. Throughout the year, the locally owned kitchen has recognized the need to offer the ability for guests to enjoy their meals there instead of picking up. While some seating space has been added, Toot Toot’s Kitchen’s owner, Ashley Higginbotham, has bigger plans.

Over the next few months, Toot Toot’s Kitchen will grow from 1,260 SF on up to 2,200 SF with newly acquired space next door.

Expansion plans include adding both a front & back dining space along with a full-service bar and dimmable lighting to set the mood of each space. The front dining space will be designed for family dining with a kids’ corner with toys so that parents can enjoy themselves. The back dining room will be much more intimate for date nights with a planned a full-service bar. An outdoor patio with stringed lighting, games, furniture, and planters in which plants will be planted are already in the works.

We currently do plate lunches for lunch, plate lunches for dinner, and prepared family-size meals.

Once the expansion is completed, guests will be able to order Toot Toot’s Kitchen prepared food served family-style in a big bowl/plate with each family member serving themselves as much they want with the rest to take home—if there is any leftover.

“I want a place where families and kids feel comfortable and the kids can play while the parents enjoy themselves and can keep an eye on the kids and I want other people to be able to also have a quieter, more intimate dining experience separate from that. I want customers to be a part of the wine and beer events that we will have and I hope that they bring friends and all feel like they’re at home together sharing meals.”

“We’ll have some card games for the adults to play in the intimate dining room and some kid toys in the family dining room. I want customers to feel like they’re sitting at a friend’s house enjoying lunch or dinner.”

No tentative date has been set as of yet.

Follow Toot Toot’s Kitchen at facebook.com/toottootskitchen to stay up to date on their expansion plans.

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