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The Thruway Tower. Can We Do Anything About It?


Everyday, I pass over the Vermilion River traveling on Hwy 90. And everyday, I see this dilapidated water tower — I think it’s a water tower — and I think, this thing is a sight for Lafayette. Not a great sight at that.

Could we somehow have this tower cleaned up? Let’s commission a mural artist to make this tower an art piece, instead of a ‘piece’.

The facility where the tower stands seems to be inactive, we could be wrong but, the almighty Google doesn’t recognize it.

So, if you guys have any advice on who to reach out to in order to make something happen. Let us know! And if you are someone with authority to make something happen, then let’s come up with a way to make something happen. Or am I being too extra?

Thruway Tower close up. Beautiful, right?

Wide shot of the towers position relative to Hwy 90(Thruway)

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