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The Reserve at Couret Farms Progress


Last year in 2016, we shared the start of what would become The Reserve apartments at Couret Farms. This development is located on Pont des Mouton, off I-49.

It’s been nearly a full year since the start of construction and this place is seriously looking 65%-75% finished. The total number of units will be 175 and consisting of various sizes. For more information on the sizes, follow this (link) to our initial post.

Our guess is that construction will conclude in Spring of 2018.

Also, to touch on the progress of Couret Farms itself, the residential build-outs for phase 2 are happening now. We actually peeked inside a couple of the mid-construction homes, and they are pretty snazzy. Many of the homes in this phase are priced at about $250k for 1600-1700 square feet.

Interested in Couret Farms? Check them out on the facebook at facebook.com/CouretFarms

Below are photos of the apartments, not any of the ‘homes’. That will be a later post.

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