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The Flower Bed Relocates To New Property Fronting At Home Retailer On Ambassador


The locally owned & operated garden business, The Flower Bed, formerly located at Ambassador & Ridge, has officially and permanently relocated. The local garden business acquired property at the 4200 Block of Ambassador, fronting the retailer At Home, and it came with about 70 parking spaces and ample green space for flowers and more flowers!

The move was required after the property at Ambassador & Ridge was sold to Giles Automotive to make way for a new auto spa, called. Mr. Bubbles Auto Spa. See more about Mr. Bubbles Auto Spa here.

The Flower Bed has been in business for 33 years and counting; providing a variety of flowers, plants, and other garden products to bring your garden or project to life. If you’re in the market to buy flowers, we highly suggest a stop at The Flower Bed as they can assist you in picking the appropriate flowers and plants that work for your specific needs.

Check out the Facebook for The Flower Bed at facebook.com/The-Flower-Bed.

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