The DL concept


The DL concept started as a result of not knowing and wanting to know what new places were coming up around the Acadiana area. The majority of what I have covered in the past has been focused inside the city limits of Lafayette and for good reason. It is one of the fastest developing cities in the area. I also share a lot of what is going on in Carencro and the Youngsville area too. Many of you may have also noticed that I have taken a liking to sharing lots of food related businesses but can you blame me? Look around, Lafayette is practically made up of good eateries of all sorts ranging from Cajun, Creole, Greek, Chinese minus P.F. Changs but that’s another share worthy post and let’s not forget Mexican. The good Lord knows that Lafayette needs another Mexican restaurant. Make no mistake I do love Mexican though just saying.

Lafayette is also more than just great food. It still has in some instances that small town feel. You can find it in the many local businesses and yes sometimes even in the traffic but most of the time Lafayette drivers are pretty ruthless. Looking beyond that our great city continues to show massive support for the locally owned and ran business that inhabit this city. So the next time you browse my page or drive down our traffic filled roads remember that there is always a new place that is contributing to the success of the city’s growth and development.

Also be on the look out for great surprises these next couple of weeks as new developing locations are revealed! Plus an extra surprise that we have been working on for the past few weeks as well.

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