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Take 5 Takes Over Freedom 10-Minute Oil & Wash On Kaliste Saloom


In what appears to be a quick swoop, Take 5 has taken over the now-former Freedom 10-Minute Oil Change & Carwash at 2213 Kaliste Saloom Road.

Founded in 2005, Freedom had a reputation for providing high-quality oil changes, car washes, and auto detailing services.

Take 5’s acquisition of Freedom is nothing short of strategic in an effort to reach as many drivers in the Lafayette metro area. Other Take 5 locations include Ambassador by Walmart and Pinhook across from DoubleTree. However, Take 5 is typically an oil change destination only, not a car wash provider. Though with this new location, you will be able to get your oil changed and your car washed in a timely manner. Will it be in 5… minutes? Highly doubtful since most oil changes aren’t even completed in 5 minutes, as one might have expected from the name, Take 5.

In the photos, you’ll see that some of the Freedom signage is still displayed as this transition is super recent. It’s almost as if it was done in 5 minutes… haha.

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